High-visibility shorts are vital for protection when working in dim light conditions and hazardous work environments. Our collection features a range of colours and styles with Class 1 certification.

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Snickers 6131 LiteWork Hi-Vis Shorts+ Holster Pockets
Snickers 6131 LiteWork, High-Vis Shorts+ Holster Pockets Class 1 Model: 6131   Description ..
Snickers 6132 LiteWork Hi-Vis Shorts
Snickers 6132 LiteWork Hi-Vis ShortsModel: 6132 DescriptionThese light and comfortable shorts c..
Snickers 3033 Hi-Vis Work Shorts Holster Pockets
Snickers 3033 Hi-Vis Work Shorts Holster Pockets Model: 3033   Description Protection in sh..
Snickers 6134 LiteWork Hi-Vis Pirate Trousers Holster Pockets
6134 LiteWork, High-Vis Pirates+ Holster Pockets Class 2Model: 6134 DescriptionWhen you need hi..
Snickers 6933 FlexiWork Hi-Vis Shorts Holster Pockets
6933 FlexiWork, High-Vis Shorts+ Holster Pockets Model: 6933   Description The high visibil..
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